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01 Aug 2018

HP Laserjet Printers are fast, give high-quality prints and mechanically efficient. They are preferred when we have a large printing job to be done. It is capable of giving more precise prints than any other printer.


But if there are benefits, there can be issues as well which can occur anytime. There is no technical device which can run without getting any error throughout its life. You can receive errors while sending faxes from your HP Laserjet printer. The issues can be several and can arise because of so many reasons

These are some of the common issues while using fax feature of HP Laserjet printer:


  • You are not able to send faxes.

  • You are not able to receive faxes.

  • The fax quality is not satisfactory.

  • You are receiving errors while faxing.

  • You are not able to print faxes.

  • The faxes received are not of good quality.


If you are also facing all these issues with your HP Laserjet printer no need to worry as they can be dealt with easily if you use our HP Technical Support. We provide effective troubleshooting tips which can easily fix the issue you are facing, hence you can enjoy a better faxing.


Some of the troubleshooting tips are mentioned below:


  • When you are not able to send any fax, you can try printing a fax test report to identify the issues with your printer. Also, make sure the phone line connection, as well as the fax settings, are appropriate for your printer. There should be no other device connected to the phone line.

  • If it is still not sending faxes, you can reset the printer by disconnecting the power cable and then reconnecting it.

  • You can also restore the default fax settings and then try to send the fax again.

  • If you are not able to receive any fax, you can check the fax receiving settings if they are correctly set or not.

  • Make sure that the printer can receive fax tones and adjust the answering machine accordingly.

  • You are advised to use the fax cord that you received with your printer.

  • To receive the fax without any interruption, you can disconnect all the additional services with your phone.

  • If any errors are displayed while faxing, there can be a hardware related issue. Make sure you have printed all the previous fax before receiving a new fax.

  • If the faxes are not printing, check if the media input tray is empty. The faxes will be printed only if the tray is filled with paper otherwise it will get stored in the memory.

  • If the faxes you are printing are not of good quality, you might need to replace the toner of the printer.


You can easily get rid of the fax issues if you know how to troubleshoot by using these steps. The other option is to call on our HP Support Number +1-855-505-7815 and get the problem solved for you by technical experts. Our technical experts are highly trained in their field and they have thorough knowledge about when a particular issue can arise. You will be asked some questions about the issue you are facing and then an appropriate solution will be found out.


Our HP Toll-Free Number is a very safe as well as trusted option to use when you encounter issues with your HP Laserjet printer. To get the timely solution for your problem, calling on our support number can be helpful for you. Only genuine technical assistance is provided here and the best remedial measure given is suggested to our customers.


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